Invent and create things in a team

Join us on our newly innovated hackathon with 24 hours of fun on 29 Februari – 1 March 2020. Everyone is welcome to join to create and pitch their ideas. Make your challenge reality and realise it with a team. Meet new people and join a team with nerds/geeks/super hero’s/designers etc.. Turn the “challenge” into a amazing and (of course) a working prototype you can pitch at the end of the hackathon. This years theme will be “The new economy” which is based on a new economy model where corporate social responsibility is one of the top priorities.

Also this year there will be sponsors and mentors from other companies available to make these 24 hours of programming an amazing success for you. At the end of the hackathon you have to pitch your idea together with your team to a jury of professionals, they will judge your prototype. Take the chance to win several prizes and meet a lot of new people!

Join this amazing experience that you can be proud of to tell your friends about it!


Our team



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Why Coffee and Coding?

Well we wanted the name of our hackathon to be the barebone of what we stand for. Even you don’t like coffee we have also energy drinks.


What is a hackathon?

We are Anonymous! We don’t forget, we don’t.. No just joking! A hackathon is an event where a lot of people come together to turn an assignment into a certain working prototype. Usually in 24 to 48 hours.

What should I bring?

The most important is yourself with a good mood, your student-ID is necessary.


You can’t program without a laptop and charger. We will provide you internet and a lot of snacks and drinks 

What should I put in my agenda?

We are proud to announce that the event is going to take place at The Factor.E HQ in Groningen from the 7-8th of March.

The event will be 24 hours approximately

Who can participate?

Every student over 14 years of age who is enrolled at a college, university or high school is welcome to join us.


You are also welcome if you’ve graduated last year or this year. Basically the last 12 months.

Are there rules?

Yes, we use the MLH code fo conduct. We strictly enforce it. If you want to know more about the hackathon rules and the code of conduct you can click on the hyperlink or the “Register now” button at the top of the page.


There are also another set of rules that are displayed at the bottom of the registration form.

Do I need permission from my parents to participate as a minor?

All minors over the age of 14 are welcome to join us. You need permission from your parents when you’er under the age of 16. 


And you will also not be allowed to consume alcohol if you are under the age of 18.

Will there be a place to sleep?

We will have a “chill room” for you to take a quick nap/powernap or just to chill out.





But it is not possible to have a full night of sleep at the venue.

If you are coming from outside of Groningen then we can recommend you to find a place to crash.

What about teams?

programming in teams is allowed as long they don’t consist out of more than 6 people.


You can also join alone but that could be boring, we advice you to search for a team at the beginning of the event.

How can I register my team?

All the teams will be registered at the beginning of the hackathon. There will also be some time to socialise and meet new people in your search for new team members


Is my email required?

Yep, this is to keep you up-to-date from the latest developments. Don’t worry, we will not spam you. 


If it’s a great success, we may want to see you at the next event 😀


What are the challenges and prizes?

We are still thinking about great prizes and challenges. The challenges will be posted on the website as soon as possible. 


Are you a company with a great challenge or prize? Don’t hesitate to shoot us an e-mail at!

Will you be giving out travel reimbursements?

Unfortunately we are not be able to provide travel reimbursements this year



How much does it cost?

Zero, nada, nothing. This event is completely free thanks to our amazing sponsors :D. 


We will provide you with a table for your team, an internet connection, food and drinks 😀 Last but not least, an unforgettable weekend.


The venue


The venue will be sponsored by
The Factor.E. They will be our
lead-sponsor of this event.

We are working together with RealTime.
Which will co-organising this event
with us, to make it a successful event.

Also want to sponsor? Sent us an email to:

Time Schedule Saturday

Time Schedule Sunday

The Factor.E HQ
Friesestraatweg 215a
9743 AD Groningen

We are proud to announce that the HQ of the Factor.E in Groningen will be our venue for this event. The Factor.E is letting us use their office during this amazing weekend. You can get to the venue by bus, train and plane of course. There is an airport in Groningen called Groningen airport Eelde. There are flights from London Southend and Kopenhagen every day to the Gronignen airport. If you fly to schiphol you get on a train to Groningen and from there you can take bus 7 to the venue (Google maps will guide the way). We will also be having some shuttle busses driving between the airport and the Groningen train station. Shoot us an email if you want to get on one of the shuttle busses. More info about the Groningen public transport can be found here